Less than a month ago, WDBJ 7 told you about a disabled Army veteran that had his only means of transportation stolen from him in broad daylight.

George Mullins came by the WDBJ 7 studio Tuesday to tell us about a special delivery he received from the Veteran Affairs Medical Clinic in Salem.

"This is my life right here,” said veteran George Mullins. “This is my means of transportation."

Mullins was all smiles when he told us about his brand new scooter.

"This one here is more advanced and this one, well you know, I had to get the royal blue,” he said. “I had to get the Cowboys."

But it was a much different story when we met Mullins just a few weeks ago. That's when he was forced to file a police report after his scooter was stolen in the middle of the day.

"It came out to be a good thing to let people know watch their stuff now,” said Mullins. “It doesn't matter if you're disabled or a veteran or what,” he said. “Just watch out for your surroundings."

Mullins now has a new set of wheels. It has better lighting and a shopping basket and it was all courtesy of the VA Clinic.

The VA Clinic gave him his first scooter after he survived two strokes in less than a year. Since then, he has developed a health condition that makes him have seizures if he spends too much time on his feet. When word spread about the incident, the clinic told him to hang tight.

"They didn't think twice,” he said. “They were upset. They were behind me 100%."

Mullins said he's happy to know there are still people in the world who are willing to help others out when times get tough.

"Joy,” he said. “Just joy. Like I said this is my life."

Mullins said investigators have been checking in with local scrap metal yards to see if anyone has turned in his stolen scooter.