Wednesday was just another step forward in the Alexis Murphy case for everyone in Nelson County, especially her family.

"It's clear that he is a predator and he is heartless and he doesn't really have any remorse for what he's done,” Trina Murphy said.

Trina and Angela Murphy were the only family members in the courtroom as Randy Taylor learned when he will face a jury.

"All the things I could say about him I will keep to myself, but if he can sit in there he doesn't even have the heart to look at us in our direction so you are what you are,” Trina Murphy said.

The trial will begin in Nelson County on February 3rd and is scheduled to end on the 14th.

As of right now, the Commonwealth's Attorney has 50 witnesses in the case.

"I really really pray that he comes and does the right thing. Comes forth and tells what he knows. He knows something. There's gotta be something that he can enlighten us all on and come to a closure with this thing,” family friend Angela Terry said.

And each day Murphy remains missing the community continues to get closer.

"Must be very difficult, must be hard to sleep. Just to think about your day to day existence and how it is for a lot of people, but just think about how it is for a family to wait for a response from this loss and I hope we see it soon,” David Piffer said.

The Murphys expect the holidays to be the toughest but are counting on their friends and family to pull them through.

Another event is planned in honor of Alexis Murphy Friday at Nelson County High School, they’re calling it a “pink out” football game. They’ll be playing with pink footballs, release pink balloons with Alexis’ face printed on them, and selling t-shirts. The game will start at 7:00 p.m.


The trial for the man accused of kidnapping missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy is set for February 3 to February 14.

Randy Taylor appeared in Nelson County Circuit Court at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday for the arraignment . He is still being held under no bond.

Court will begin at 9:30 a.m. each day during the set trial period in February.

The Commonwealth's Attorney says they have about 50 witnesses on their side.

Taylor waived the right to jury trial on the indictment for stolen property, for possession of a stolen all-terrain vehicle.

The court date for the stolen property charge is set for February 18.

Taylor will be entering not guilty pleas on both the abduction charge and the possession of stolen property charge.


By the end of the day we could know when the trial will begin for the man who's accused of kidnapping missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy.

Randy Taylor's case will go before the Nelson County Circuit Court at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

The court could schedule the trial during that hearing.

Police arrested Taylor August 12th, and a grand jury ruled there is enough evidence to send him to trial last month.

Prosecutors think he was the last person to see Murphy when she went missing August 3rd.