An arrest has been made in an unsolved murder in Pulaski County nine years ago.

Mindy Damron Dickerson was found dead in her Pulaski County home on January 27, 2005. She was 26.

Dickerson’s ex-husband, Leslie Dickerson, was indicted by a grand jury in Pulaski County on Monday for first-degree murder. As WDBJ7 first reported, Leslie Dickerson was arrested Tuesday in Montgomery County, Texas, on a fugitive from justice warrant out of Pulaski County.

If convicted, Dickerson faces 20 years to life in prison. Dickerson, 38, is being held in Texas pending extradition back to Pulaski County.

Mindy Dickerson was found dead in her bed. She was found with scratches to her face, neck, mouth, nose, and knees. She also had blood in her hair. According to search warrants filed in 2005, police believed several pieces of evidence were staged around Mindy Dickerson's body.

At one point after the murder, investigators took hair and blood from Leslie Dickerson and his new wife.

WDBJ7's Orlando Salinas talked to Mindy Dickerson's mother and sister on Wednesday in Russell County.

Kayla Holliday remembers being told nine years ago that her sister, Mindy Dickerson, was found dead inside her Pulaski home. Holliday, and her mother, Drema Patton, say they have forgiven Mindy's killer.

"My heart goes out to the Dickerson family,” said Drema Patton, Mindy Dickerson’s mother. “I know what my family has been through and I've never been on their side of the fence. I can't imagine what they're going through, but is it revenge that we want? No. It's justice."

Drema Patton added: “I didn't sleep last night of course. And one of the things I thought about, this would not bring Mindy back. And I realize that."

The original ruling from the state medical examiner was that Mindy Dickerson died from a brain disease. That came as a surprise to the family.

A police source close to the investigation said the medical examiner may have mistakenly used three different brain tissue samples, and that none belonged to Mindy Dickerson.

Her body was exhumed in October of last year, and from there the case moved on quickly.

There is no word on when Michael Dickerson will be extradited back to Pulaski County.

PHOTOS: Pulaski Co. murder victim Mindy Damron Dickerson

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Mindy Damron Dickerson was found dead in her Pulaski home in 2005.

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