It's being called the fastest growing criminal enterprise in America, and it's a problem in Virginia.

Today we are learning how the Attorney General's office plans to fix it.

Human trafficking encompasses a lot of things.

Basically, it's people making money off other people by holding them captive or intimidating them for cheap labor or prostitution.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has made Virginia's human trafficking issue a priority.

Today, representatives from the Attorney General's office met with local law enforcement agencies from across Western Virginia to discuss how to find human traffickers.

This is the first step of a task force created to deal with the issue in this part of the state.

The toughest part about prosecuting these crimes is getting victims to talk, because often times they're too scared.

"They see no way out and there's no way that they want to call anyone about it, because they believe they're going to get in trouble, because that's what these traffickers tell them," said Deputy Attorney General John Childrey.

There's certainly a law enforcement element to this task force, but this task force will also rely on counseling and support groups.

That's to help victims feel comfortable speaking with law enforcement and to help re-integrate them into society.

Law enforcement specifically says organized crime and gangs are mostly responsible.  These groups use trafficking to make money.