By now, Bank of America customers in our viewing area have heard that many branches in the Roanoke and New River Valleys are closing.

HomeTrust and First Community banks decided recently to purchase those locations, but what does that mean for account holders?

Right now, none of the banks can release many specifics about how Bank of America customers will be affected by the transition but all are assuring customers that it will be seamless. However, customers we spoke to aren't happy about the sale.

"It's definitely a concern, it's something that I'm definitely going to have to look into," Brittany Fitzgerald told Your Hometown News Leader.

Bank of America customers like Fitzgerald have become used to how they do their banking and to her, the sale isn't good news.

"I really like the way Bank of America is now. I really don't know that much about it. I'd really hate to switch banks. I've never banked with a smaller bank before so I guess we'll see."

HomeTrust and First Community Banks have taken over many of the Bank of America branches in the region. Although the transition won't happen until the fall, customers say having to deal with another bank is a headache.

"It's an inconvenience for a lot of people," Michelle Hall told WDBJ7. "Do you have to pay to have your checking? You know what I'm saying? And your savings and all that, so I don't know. So it is a worry, it is a concern."

Bank of America, HomeTrust and First Community banks told WDBJ7 that those specifics haven't been worked out yet. But, they are working together to keep customers' accounts similar to what their used to. No one knows which accounts have been purchased as part of the sale and that's angered clients.

"I think it's bull. I've been a Bank of America customer for I don't even know how long, years,"Roxsanne Methena said.

Some are even considering switching banks.

"I live in Roanoke, I love Bank of America and if they ain't gonna be around, then I'll just go to some other bank," Methena said.

Bank of America customers can continue doing their banking as usual until the transition and regulatory approval are complete.

The banks will be sending out detailed information to affected account holders in the coming months. Those accounts will be determined by addresses and zip codes, not where the account was originally opened. You can opt to stay with Bank of America, but, you run the risk of not having a banking center nearby.

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