Firefighters have finally left the scene of a huge barn fire in Montgomery County.

The sheriff's office and the Blacksburg Police Department got dozens of calls on Sunday morning from people concerned about all the smoke in the air near that barn on Merrimac Road.

The National Weather Service even put out a notice to let people know what was going on.

Firefighters say that barn was full of hay that was ready to burn.

"It was approximately 5,000 bales, square bales and round bales of hay and several pieces of machinery -everything was lost," says Bobby Carner, assistant Blacksburg fire chief.

Firefighters spent much of the day putting out the fire and making sure it didn't flare back up.

Overnight, a sheriff's office dispatcher told us those crews were able to leave the scene.

They think some kind of accident started the fire.


Smoke filled the air in Blacksburg on Sunday.

It was because of a barn fire off of Merrimac Road.

The smoke was so noticeable, the National Weather Service issued a notice to let people know what was going on.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office tells WDBJ7, the fire happened in the 23-hundred block just before two o'clock Sunday morning.

Even though crews managed to get the barn fire under control, it smoldered for hours.

Investigators say the barn was filled with hay and machinery.

Crews are scheduled to keep an eye on the site for the next day or two -to make sure it doesn't spark up again.