The University of Virginia finished on top yet again claiming it's fifth straight win over Virginia Tech in men's basketball as the Cavs look to roll into March on a hot streak.

This instate rivalry always brings fans into each school's territory and tonight, Blacksburg was no exception.

Tonight it's all about UVA and Virginia Tech.

"It's a great in state rivalry," said UVA student Carter Harris.

And it's one that brings about friendship, old and new. Just ask Denny Ulrey. The diehard UVA fan is finally reunited with some his college buddies.

"I havent seen him since 92 until tonight," Ulrey said.

And he's even sharing a table with some Tech fans at Bull and Bones, a Hokie fan favorite when it comes to watching the games. Co-owner Mark Shrader says it may not be football season but sales will go up anywhere from 30 to 40 percent, thanks to a strong showing by the rival team.

"It's close enough that they travel. They've got a pretty good fan base here and in Roanoke," Shrader said.

And in Cassel colleseum, school spirit is going strong on both sides.

"Now that Virginia is one of the highest teams in the nation we gotta bring our best and see waht we can do," said Tech student Kevni Finn.

Finn is opting for a more flashy attire, while U-V-A grad student Carter Harris is going for what he describes as a classic southern tradition with a blazer and tie.

Regardless of what you're wearing, both sides agree they do it for the love of the sport and their school.