All day Friday, Your Hometown News Leader has been following the action of a six-year-old boy from Bedford.

Liam Shutt has leukemia that is in remission but still gets chemotherapy every day.

But on Friday, with the help of the Make a Wish Foundation, he got some superhero strength.

Spider-Man swooped in from New York City to teach Liam how to fight crime. And there were plenty of villains to battle.

Liam's adventure begins at the Bedford Fire Station, where he and his sidekick Jake meet Spider-Man for the first time

His new spidey suit fits just right.

They practice their moves,  learn how to shoot webs and throw the net and then they get their first dispatch. Monochrome hates color and wants to turn all the flowers in Bedford white!

Not long after they start looking, a gardener points the way.

Monochrome is no match for Liam's webs. One down, still a few more to go.

Zaldabar, the evil alien stole a meteor that can control minds, he's hiding in some woods. Liam uses his spidey sense to find him.

Once again, Spider-Liam takes him down.

But more bad guys are loose closer to the city!

Next stop, Brewster's Ice Cream, where Thawzan is melting all the delicious desserts!

Spider-Man saves the day yet again. But it was at the Salem Memorial Stadium before the Red Sox Game where our story has its finale.

A rogue mascot, the Horse of a Different Color, tries to steal the show!

Spider-Liam runs onto the field.

His wish came true, Spider-Man for a day. But he'll feel like a superhero for a lot longer than that.

So here's an update on his cancer treatment. He still is on chemotherapy and has to make lots of hospital trips. But he's in remission and hopes next year he'll officially be cancer free.


Spider-Man, also known as Liam, has defeated the first villains.

Monochrome turned all of the flowers white in Bedford. But Spider-Man detained him.

Next, Spider-Man heard a report about a meteor that crashed into a field. Whoever had the meteor could control minds. A villain stole the meteor, but Spider-Man got him. Click here to see Liam take the villain into custody.

Spider-Man went on to save a Roanoke ice cream parlor. Click here to see the video.