White House isn't home to any presidents, but the Bedford County crossroads is a popular place to check your mail and fill up with gas.

Lately, it's becoming known for something else.

"It's a dangerous intersection," said Cathy Eggleston, a cashier who works at the White House Store.

In the last few months, she's seen some bad accidents.

"There was a customer out there pumping gas and she came running in the store saying call 911," Eggleston explained.  "I asked what for and she said that someone had just run the stop sign and went over the embankment."

Eggleston says a lot of people are missing a stop sign at the end of White House Road.

It used to be located on a concrete island, in the center of the street.  In May VDOT redesigned the intersection and moved the stop sign off to the right.

"The stop sign is not as visible now, because of the way it was turned," said Jeanette Childress, a real estate broker who has worked in White House since 1986.

White House Road meets Smith Mounatin Lake parkway on a curve.  The new stop sign doesn't come into view until a few seconds before you reach the intersection.

There is a sign to warn drivers about the approaching stop, but Childress believes the intersection's current design is a safety risk.

"It is a very busy intersection and an accident waiting to happen, I think," Childress said

Marshanna Ray has already been in an accident.  A driver ran the stop sign and t-boned her car a few weeks ago.

She's hopes something will change, so that others won't suffer the same fate.

"Either put a stop light right there or do something, because sooner or later somebody's going to get killed right there," Ray said.

A spokesperson for VDOT says they have received some calls about the intersection.  Engineers are looking at the possibility of installing a larger stop sign.

VDOT had plans to completely reconfigure that intersection ten years ago, but the project was dropped following public opposition.