A Bedford County fire department is replacing a truck that was destroyed last year.

The Forest Volunteer Fire Department's new "Wagon 5" arrived at the station last week.

The new vehicle replaces a pumper truck that was totaled last July.  Firefighters were responding to a call in Huddleston, when they lost control and wrecked on New London Road.  No one was seriously injured.

The new truck was custom built in Wisconsin and includes modern safety features that weren't available on the old vehicle.

"It has room for five personnel in the truck to wear their self-contained breathing apparatus while in the cab safely, whereas that other truck did not (have that option)," said Ryan Burnette, a lieutenant and spokesperson for the Forest Volunteer Fire Department.  "It's going to be a huge resource for us and everyone in the department is overjoyed to have it."

The fire department's insurance covered the full cost of replacing the truck.  It should be in service by the end of this week.