Bedford's planning commission doesn't want to see any changes to the county's rental ordinance.

The commission voted 5 to 2 Tuesday, to recommend that the county's current rental regulations remain intact.

People who lease property for less than 30 days currently need a county-issued permit, which regulates the number of people allowed to stay overnight.

The ordinance effects more than 300 properties at Smith Mountain Lake, which are typically rented out for short periods.  Most homes in that area are connected to septic tanks, which can be damaged by overuse.

The ordinance takes into account the number of people a property's septic tank can handle when deciding how many overnight guests to permit.

Jeff Burdett represents the lake area on the Bedford County planning commission and opposes the change.

Prior to the passage of the rental rules, Burdett witnessed situations where large groups of people would rent out small homes on the lake.  On numerous occasions he saw dozens of cars parked in yards and along streets, creating a nuisance for full-time residents.

"Some renters don't treat their home like their own home," said Burdett.  "It's not theirs so they think they can do whatever they want, however they want, however long they want."

Burdett thinks eliminating the current rules will have a negative impact on traffic and hurt the county's ability to collect taxes on rental operations.

The planning commission's recommendation will now be forwarded to the board of supervisors, which will take up the issue at a future meeting.