Bedford County students have a fun new way to learn about fire safety.

Bedford County Fire and Rescue has developed a new program for elementary schoolers.

After watching a puppet show that explains what to do when a fire breaks out, kids run through an interactive obstacle course.

They learn how to safely escape through windows and stay low when a room fills with smoke.

Students also get a chance to speak with volunteer fire fighters who work in their neighborhood, and get a tour of trucks and equipment.

The program reenforces a "see, do, act" methodology that is used in Bedford County classrooms.

"It's just so important to make sure students understand the importance of taking an emergency seriously, and how they need to prepare and respond in an appropriate way and not panic," said Bedford County Fire and Rescue deputy chief, Marci Stone.

The program debuted Wednesday morning at Moneta Elementary School.  It will eventually be presented at all of the county's elementary schools.