The last dose of radiation was a victory for Sandra Brookshier.

She fought breast cancer in 2011 and took treatments at Centra's Alan B. Pearson Regional Cancer Center.

When it was over, she wanted to celebrate.

"I received a certificate and the staff was very congratulatory, but I just felt the need to ring a bell," Brookshier said.

At that time the Pearson center didn't have a bell.

"My husband and I thought about it and we decided to donate a bell, in honor of our daughter, Alesa Brookshier Neal."

Alesa was a young mother when she died of breast cancer in 2002.

Although she lost her fight, the Brookshier's want cancer patients to remember her when their battle is won.

"Each time the bell rings, someone in the general area hears it and they know that another person has just completed something successful in their life," said Larry Brookshier, Alesa's father and Sandra's husband.

The Brookshier's know better than almost anyone how important it is to celebrate a cancer victory.  Unfortunately, Alesa isn't the only loved one they've lost to the disease.

"My husband has lost his brother, his father, his first wife and his daughter to the disease," explained Sandra.

Alesa lost her mother, Betty, in 1980 when she herself was still very young.

"We've been through that journey way too many times, but this time we're going to be successful," said Larry, referring to Sandra.  Her cancer returned a few months ago, this time spreading to her bones.

She's determined to celebrate a second victory and ring that bell, for herself and the ones who didn't make it.

"Someday we hope the bell won't ring at all, because a cure will be found there will be no more treatments," Larry said.  "Until that day we hope the bell rings often."

The Brookshier's are big supporters of the American Cancer Society.

Sandra has been raising money for the organization for more than 40 years, long before she knew how the disease would touch her life.

The couple believes very strongly that, through research, a cure will one day be found.