Some homeowners in Bedford County want changes, after a flock of birds in their neighborhood were killed by the government.

The United States Department of Agriculture rounded up more than 60 Canada geese last week at Lake Vista.

After being put to sleep, the birds were taken to another location and turned into food for zoo animals.

The action was requested by the Lake Vista homeowner's association. Some members felt the birds were creating a health hazard.

Residents like Bob Sherman, who wanted the geese to stay, are now circulating petitions. He wants to remove members of the homeowner's board who voted for the extermination.

"We feel that the current members didn't work ethically or morally in their thinking about the geese," said Sherman. "We presented many alternatives to them and they were just intent on killing the geese."

Sherman, his wife Mauranna, and several other Lake Vista residents tried taking the homeowner's association to court last week to save the geese. A judge sided with the homeowner's association, allowing the goose extermination to proceed.