When passenger rail returns to Roanoke in a few years, Bedford leaders are hoping the train will make a stop in their town.

Bedford is already a destination for the "Smart Way" bus, which takes passengers to the Amtrak station in Lynchburg.

Bedford council members believe there's enough support for the town to have its own train station, and they're asking state lawmakers to help make it happen.

Amtrak plans to extend service to Roanoke by 2016, and the proposed route would pass through Bedford.

"Utilization of the train to access Washington, New York, and Boston would be beneficial, not just for tourism, but for also for our businesses," explain town manager Charles Kowlakowski, who said town council members are drafting letters to members of the Virginia General Assembly to advocate for a train stop.

Bedford had a passenger train station until 1971.  The building is still in use as a restaurant.

No word on where a new station might be located.