Bedford County is taking another step toward building a new school.

The school board met with the board of supervisors Thursday, to present options for a new school that will serve the Liberty attendance zone.

School board presented three options for what they'd like to construct.

Option one is to build a new middle school to replace the existing Bedford Middle School.  That would cost around $35-million.

Option two involves building a middle school that could be converted into a high school in the future.  That would cost close to $40-million.

Option three is to build a new high school, and convert the existing Liberty High School into a middle school.  That's the most expensive route the board could take, with an estimated cost of around $60-million.

Supervisors say they're receptive to all of school board's ideas, but they aren't making any funding commitments yet.

At some point during the next 60 days, they plan to give the school board a number of how much they're willing to spend.

"It's something that needs to be looked at and discussed, to see what direction would be best for the county," said district II supervisor, Curry Martin.

School board members are moving forward with the initial planning for a new school.

They will start working with a building contractor now, so that the early prep work will be done when supervisors make their funding decision.

"We're taking baby steps and I feel that's what needs to be done in order to make wise decisions, plan for the future, and spend the money wisely," said school board member, Kelly Harmony.

The school system is currently leasing the building that houses Bedford Middle School from the town of Bedford, at a cost of $120,000 per-year.  That amount will go up to $450,000 in 2016.

The school system would like to be out of the current middle school and in a new building by the time the rent goes up, which leaves little time to make a decision about the new building.