Shoppers are about to descend on a small brick building in Bedford's 6C's Shopping Center.

Karen Hughes is rushing to get ready.

"We set this up so that they could feel like they are walking in to any department store," said Hughes.

But this isn't just any department store.

The Bedford Community Christmas Station is for people with little to no income.

"If they're eligible we give them a shopping ticket with an appointment time to come here and select gift items," explained Hughes, who serves as president of the Christmas Station's board of directors.

The aisles are filled with everything from clothes, to toys and stocking stuffers.

"They meet with a trained volunteer, who walks through and helps them select things," said Hughes.

The service has been available in Bedford since 2006 and the demand from needy families has risen steadily.

This year the charity is growing, thanks to Earl Childers.  He recently lost his wife, Ethel, and decided to make a donation in her honor.

"He thought she would really want him to support this program," said Hughes.

Childers gave the Christmas Station a new building on Blue Ridge Avenue.  With the new space, the organization can now hold events year-round that will benefit people with low incomes, seniors, and the disabled.

"When we see the families come through, and they get their shopping cart and fill it up with items to take home for their families, and they're so excited and grateful, it's such a blessing," Hughes said.

The Christmas Station will serve families this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  You will need an appointment card to get in.

In addition to picking out gift items, shoppers will also get a box of food to take home.