When your car stops working, Cleve Conway is a man who can diagnose the problem.

"Been doing it since I was 16," Conway said. "Turning wrenches."

Conway works at Overstreet's Cities Service in Bedford, where he does everything from vehicle repairs to driving wreckers.

He's a man of many talents, mechanical and musical.

"Playing guitar, singing, and writing stuff. That's pretty much what I do," Conway explained.

In his free time Conway sings in a local band called Blackwater, but he's known to perform a song or two for his co-workers at the shop.

"The boys get tired of hearing me," said Conway. "Half of them won't come watch the band play, because they get tired of hearing me sing around here."

Friends may give him a hard time, but his vocals get plenty of compliments, even from his boss.

 "He's real good," said Cliff Overstreet, owner of Overstreet's CIties Service. "He has sang at my church before. Everyone enjoyed him there."

Recently Conway and his friend John Lawhorne decided to enter a contest called Lyrics at the Lake, a benefit for St. Jude Children's Hospital.

"We just decided to give it a shot, just to help the kids out," Conway said.

They ended up winning the whole thing.

"I have never hardly won anything in my whole life," Conway said with a smile. "All of a sudden I won something I didn't think I was going to win."

The grand prize is a trip to Nashville, where Conway and Lawhorne will perform and write songs with professionals.

If he gets famous, the boss will be tagging along.

"I'll just shut the shop down and drive his bus for him," said Overstreet.

"We're going to run 100% with it and do all we can," said Conway. "Maybe we'll put Bedford on the map."

Until then he'll be in the garage, tuning up cars along with his guitar.