Nearly 1,000 students are enrolled at Liberty High School every year.

Sara Holdren's children will soon be part of that group, but she has concerns about the aging facility they'll be attending.

"I personally think, both from an educational standpoint and an economic standpoint, that a new high school would be the better option," said Holdren.

Bedford County's school board is already planning to build a new middle school on a 49-acre lot behind the Liberty High School campus.

Now, instead of using that space for a middle school, school board members are thinking about putting a new high school on the property.

"We need to make sure that we look at all possibilities," said school board member, Kelly Harmony.

Harmony says the idea is still in its early stages, but she believes it would benefit a lot of people.  If a new high school is built, she believes the existing LHS campus could be converted into a middle school.

"This would enable us to improve facilities for two groups of students," Harmony said.  "Middle school students and high school students."

Funding for any new school will have to come from Bedford County's board of supervisors.  WDBJ7 talked to two supervisors Thursday, Curry Martin and Tammy Parker.  Both said they will need more information before deciding whether the county can afford a new high school.

The new middle school is expected to cost around $38-million.  A new high school would cost an additional $10 to $20-million.

Holdren believes the added cost for county taxpayers will be a long term investment.

"This is a one shot deal," Holdren said.  "If we don't do it right the first time, we've lost a great opportunity."

Any discussion about building a new school is complicated by Bedford County's reversion agreement.  When the city of Bedford reverted back to a town on July 1, the county school board was legally obligated to build a new middle school for the Liberty attendance zone.  It's unclear whether converting the existing Liberty High School into a middle school will meet the legal mandate.

 "If there is any flexibility to that contract, this would enable us to improve facilities for two groups of students," said Harmony.

School board members are expected to discuss the high school idea with supervisors at a joint committee meeting next month.