"Doing more with less" could be the theme of Doug Schuch's tenure as Bedford County's school superintendent.

Since taking the job five years ago, Schuch says he has watched the cost of education increase while local funding has remained roughly the same.

"We've had two consecutive years where the county has reduced funding to our schools," Schuch told WDBJ7.

In 2012 Bedford's board of supervisors allocated $39-million for the school system.  That number dropped to $38-million for 2013 and supervisors have proposed the same amount for this year's budget.

Schuch says the funding commitment is too low.  He requested $41.5-million from supervisors this year, primarily to address a growing list of maintenance issues.

Many of the county's school buildings are getting old and need new roofs, windows, and basic infrastructure improvements.

"We don't know how we are going to fund our maintenance projects," Schuch said.  "On the operational side, we don't know how we're going to maintain our current workforce."

The school board has proposed laying off 46 teachers at the end of this school year.  That's on top of 160 other positions that have been eliminated over the last five years.

A technology initiative is also being sidelined.  The school board wanted to buy laptops for every ninth grader in the county, but there's not enough money available to fund the project.

School board chairman Gary Hostutler believes it's time for the county to put more money into education.

"People are not as attracted to Bedford County as they used to be, because of the education," said Hostutler.  "I'm hoping we're going to see a turn here at some point."

Schuch is hopeful the board of supervisors will end up approving more than 38-million for schools when a final budget for next year is approved.