At the base of 4th street, just before you get to the railroad underpass, there's an old building that many people in Bedford still refer to as "Fisher's."

From 1955 until 1995, Fisher's Restaurant was a gathering place for the town's working class.

"It was almost a Cheer's bar," said Lisa Saunders, granddaughter of the original owners, Hugh and Ruby Zimmerman.  "Everybody had what they felt was their assigned seat"

Some knew it as a "beer joint," but the atmosphere was always friendly and family-oriented.

"Everything was family to us," said Hugh Saunders, grandson of the original owners.  "All of the customers were family."

The Zimmermans ran the restaurant for years and instituted favorites like the "Zim Burger."  The business was later taken over by their daughter Eleanor Mae Saunders and her husband, Cephus.

Today, their children are re-opening the restaurant.

"My whole family is big on history and tradition and that's what we're doing here," said Lisa Saunders.  "We're bringing back Fisher's like it was when Nanny and Papa and Mama and Daddy ran it."

The Saunders siblings, Lisa and Hugh, are taking the building back to its original look.  They even have the old signs.

"We're going to find somebody to repaint those and we're going to hang those on the building someplace," said Lisa Saunders.  "We haven't decided exactly where yet."

The old counters and bar stools are coming back, along with the old menu.

"We'll have the homemade beef stew that we always had," said Hugh Saunders.  "I also make a pretty good macaroni and cheese."

"We're retro-ing this place," Lisa Saunders explained.  "We'll even have the bottled Coke and bottled Sprite to serve with the hot dogs."

Some things are changing.  The new restaurant will have outdoor seating, and unlike the old days the women's restroom won't be outside.

"The ladies had to come outside and use the restroom here, on the side of the building," said Lisa Saunders.  "Ladies, I promise you when we reopen the restaurant, you will be inside with the men."

Fisher's Restaurant is scheduled to re-open in September.