When people buy items at a Bedford consignment shop, they're sending hugs to strangers on another continent.

The "Rwandan Hugs Thrift Store" opened a few months ago on North Bridge Street.

It's part of a non-profit organization, started by Bedford resident Nancy Strachan.

After visiting Rwanda in 2007, she dedicated her life to helping people in the African country.

Strachan and other volunteers spend their own money to operate the thrift shop.

100% of the store's proceeds goes to ministries that serve Rwanda.

"A lot more than what we generate through this store goes to Rwanda and it goes monthly," Strachan told WDBJ7.  "This is a not-for-profit and as much as possible we send every penny."

Rwandan Hugs sends several thousand dollars to the country monthly.

The thrift store is in the basement of the Bedford Artisan Market.

Click here to learn more about the Rwandan Hugs organization.