A Bedford County leader is making a new push to improve safety on one of our region's busiest roads.

County supervisor Annie Pollard is asking the Virginia Department of Transportation to straighten out the "S Curves" on Route 460.

The winding stretch of highway near Montvale has been the site of many accidents.

A tanker truck crashed there in May 2012, causing a fuel spill and shutting down part of the road for five months.

A plan to straighten out the curves was put on VDOT's six-year plan in 2006, but was taken out a year later due to lack of funding.

"There are a lot of projects that people want to see and they're all important, but I think this one has been on the books long enough and needs to be taken care of," Pollard said Thursday.

Thanks to a transportation bill passed by this year's General Assembly, VDOT is getting more than $15-billion to fund road improvements.  Pollard would like some of that money to be used to eliminate the S-Curves.