Bedford's department of public works is busy getting equipment ready for snow removal.

Workers spent part of the afternoon Tuesday attaching blades to the front of their trucks.

The town just received a 100 ton shipment of salt last Friday.  Public services superintendent D.W. Lawhorne said there will be plenty of chemicals to put down on the pavement when the winter weather arrives.

"We are definitely 100% ready," said Lawhorne.  "We just ask people not to go out unless it's an emergency.  Stay off the roads and we will get them clear as quick as possible."

Public works will start plowing the roads when snow accumulation reaches two inches.  They will start clearing primary roads first, followed by secondary roads.

To make snow removal easier, public works asks that you park your cars in a driveway if possible, rather than on the street.

Also, don't shovel your own driveway until after a plow has passed.  Otherwise you'll just have more snow to clean up, because the trucks will likely push snow from the street onto your property.