Halloween is still a week away, but one Bedford attraction is already gearing up for Christmas.

The Elks National Home is already putting up its annual Christmas display.  This year the facility is getting help from a non-profit.

Gleaning for the World donated four truck loads full of lights and seasonal decorations.

The Elks Home display is made up of more than 65,000 lights and each year many of the bulbs have to be replaced.

Gleaning's donation is saving the Elks hundreds of dollars.

"It's the biggest Christmas resent we've ever received, because it was so financially helpful," said Sharon Jones, activities director for the Elks Home.

The Elks Home Christmas lights will be turned on Friday, December 13.  An open house will be held December 10 to show off holiday decorations inside the home.

Some of the items donated by Gleaning included fall decorations and Halloween costumes.  Residents of the Elks Home used some of the ornaments to dress up their facility.  The remaining items were given to nearby Bedford Primary School.