McCrae and Amanda are blindsided. How can they be on the block? It doesn’t make sense.. well in Amanda’s mind. This leads to


Amanda thinks there has been no showmances to make it to the end. Do these people watch previous seasons of Big Brother?? Erika and Boogie made it to the end in Season 7. Gosh, know your BB facts!!

Amanda thinks Spencer is behind a deal to save his chicken hind. Why would GM not nominate Elissa? Well, she did keep her safe last week, DUH! But this doesn’t go through Amanda’s head. She figures out Spencer, Judd and Elissa are working with GinaMarie.

Amanda confronts GinaMarie’s BS about her nominations. Amanda complains that she never went after her. Umm, she already knows you wanted her to go as the replacement nominee last week. Its like Amanda is a psycho(logical liar). I honestly didn't want to finish that one :)

Amanda storms out the HOH room yelling and complaining. GinaMarie defends herself while standing on the balcony over a tearful Amanda in the kitchen. If you mute the TV, this scene looks romantic. Its like a scene from a Shakespeare play. One girl confessing her love to another. But sadly, it was just Amanda crying because she didn’t have it her way.

McCrae tries to be her rock. He might deserve the money for dealing with that mess this whole summer; that takes effort. Amanda confesses her love to him. He really cares for her. This would be romantic if I didn't think they were the scum of the world.

Elissa The Eavesdropper

Amanda still trust Andy even though he flipped for the exterminators. Elissa does her fitness regimen and overhears Andy’s and Amanda’s conversation in the storage room. She puts her ear to the door to gage where Andy is in the game. Spencer catches Elissa and quickly tells Andy and Amanda that she listened in on their conversation. This pisses off Amanda. She throws open the door hoping to hit Elissa in the face.

POV Players

6 out of the 7 contestants will play in the veto competition. GinaMarie pulls Elissa’s chip. Amanda pulls houseguest’s choice. She picks Spencer over Andy. He thinks he dodged a bullet. Until, McCrae draws his name out of the bag. Busted, Andy can’t win this veto because he will be caught in the middle playing both sides.

The Extermifloaters

Elissa tells Judd that she doesn’t trust Andy. So, Judd tells Andy this. I swear, Elissa has no allies in this game. She is not in with the exterminators and after Amanda, she is their next target. The joke of the exterminators is that they are the floaters and rats of the house. They weasel up to whoever has power and they happen to outnumber the strong players in the house. Ugh, they even have a dumb motion of pumps and sprays.

Bowlerina: A Spin to Veto

This is a very intriguing game. Going head to head, players must knock down 4 pins using bowling balls. But, there will be a blockade that comes up every 15 seconds. So how does one take down the blockade? Well, they must spin around a device 15 times! So when the players are nice and dizzy, they have 15 seconds to throw bowling balls at 4 targets to knock it down.

Amanda is up first and she battles Elissa. Amanda has a smart strategy by spinning the handle by lifting her body. Elisa tries to run around but she gets dizzy. Amanda knocks down 2 pins in her first try. Elissa is out of it. Amanda comes up with a great ball throwing strategy and it allows her the victory over Elissa.

Andy is up next. If he doesn’t pick Amanda then he looks bad to the exterminators. If he picks Amanda then he looks bad to McCranda. His excuse to Amanda is so he can throw it to her. I don't know if he truly threw this competition but she won.

GinaMarie picks Amanda and she is pissed. GM spins really fast. Apparently, she was a dancer. However, Amanda dominates the ball throwing and wins her third round.

McCrae is up and he picks Spencer. His other option was Amanda and he is not going to eliminate her. 1. Spencer looks ridiculous in a tutu. 2. McCrae looks worse! With his long hair and dressed in a tutu, McCrae looks like a drag queen in the beginning stage of her career. Spencer chucks balls down the lane but barely hits the pins. McCrae beats out Spencer.

Final round, Amanda vs. McCrae. This is the most tragic thing the love pair can face. Whoever wins is safe for the week. Whoever loses will go home. This made the face-off much more epic. The two are in a dead-heat. McCranda has only one pin left. They both roll the ball. One second apart from each other, McCrae edges out Amanda. Like, it was seriously, a second apart and Amanda could have won.

It was not victorious for either one of the duo. McCrae pukes while Amanda sobs. I almost caught the feels but I had to remind myself once again how horrible those two are.

McCrae uses the veto on himself. GM puts up Spencer. Tomorrow, will be chaotic! Trust me, you do not want to miss this live. A huge power move for one player and its a double eviction. Grab your popcorn because you will be entertained!

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