McCrae is gone and we have an all exterminator final 3. Andy worries that the jury will compare notes to find out he double-crossed them all. Spencer has been nominated for a record of 8 times. GinaMarie wants to be on top.

The three enjoy a lovely dinner provided by Big brother. GinaMarie struggles popping the champagne. But after a few tries, she opened the alcohol and the stories flow. Spencer shared the origins of the Moving Company. Nick orchestrated the Moving Company and Spencer named the alliance. Spencer said one of the reasons The Moving Company exploded was because of Jeremy. Andy didn’t like the wine incident with Jeremy and Helen. He took responsibility for drinking the wine that the Bieber Fever drank. Aaryn instigated the whole fight. Basically, she is mad because everyone is mad at her. Again, she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions.

We have a recap on Elissa-fever during the first week inside the Big Brother house.


Kaitlin + Jeremy
Aaryn + David
Amanda + McCrae

GinaMarie thinks McCranda wouldn’t be if McCrae didn’t win the first HOH. Big Brother finally showed their wedding. Andy was actually very witty in his officiating. He even ended it with, “you may kiss the groom.” because we know Amanda wears the pants in the relationship.

Judd The Stud

The boy got his mack on with Jessie and Aaryn.

Houseguests Freaks

CBS showed a clip of GinaMarie freaking out over Nick’s eviction. It was hilarious seeing GM acting like she is somebody.

Candice confront Spencer on his shadiness in a house meeting. In the middle of the meeting, Elissa separates herself and does yoga in the yard. She knows the perfect way to break tension.

Amanda tortures Elissa. Actually, her bullying Elissa was the sole reason the exterminators formed. They wanted to separate themselves from that scene throughout the week causing them to be always together.

Andy wonders if he was the only guy to cry in the Diary Room. CBS showed a montage of all the freakouts in that room. Actually, this was a funny section.

Best Fight?

GinaMarie vs. Amanda
The night before Amanda’s eviction, the two got into a heated fight. GM calls out Amanda for her antics throughout the season. McCrae was in the room and he did NOTHING. What a push-over! He couldn’t defend his woman. The two got chest-to-chest and the pizza boy did not move a muscle. Judd had to intervene to separate the two.

Amanda is pissed at his man for not standing up. She calls him disgusting. GM eavesdrop on their conversation.

Final HOH Part 1

The final 3 participate in a groovy HOH. Called "The Greatest Skate," players must skate around the backyard holding on to their key. The guys have trouble while GinaMarie is calm. Find out who wins on Wednesday!

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