The entertainment of the house are gone, Amanda and Elissa. CBS recapped the Double eviction night.

[Amanda gets voted out]

McCrae looked at both Andy and Elissa to see who didn’t vote for Amanda. GinaMarie feels on top of the world that she got to boot Amanda. Spencer feels this was a great achievement for the exterminators.

Elissa asks McCrae if he voted out Amanda. Andy makes sure the two don’t talk. Andy makes sure he convinces McCrae that he voted to keep Amanda.

[McCrae wins HOH]

Winning is huge for him but his head is spinning. Elissa pleads to him to not put her up. Both Elissa and Andy corner McCrae in the room for his trust. He secretly believes Elissa but he knows he does not want to create as many waves in the house. Putting up GinaMarie and Elissa are his safest bet. He also created a guy’s alliance a few days ago.

[Elissa and Ginamarie are nominated]

Andy is thrilled to not be on the block. As long as Elissa doesn’t win the POV then the exterminator’s plan will work.

[Judd wins POV]

McCrae knows Judd will not use the veto and this pleases him. Elissa pleads to Judd to not vote her out. GinaMarie and Andy attack Elissa. They act like Elissa is a liar so the house won’t keep her. Elissa scrambles around the house and its like seeing a wounded dog.

[Elissa is evicted]

McCrae made his bed and now he has to lay in it. Andy is glad Elissa is gone because she caught on to his lies. Judd is on a high after surviving this double eviction. McCrae is sad that Amanda is gone and the Exterminators gloat in the other room. GinaMarie even breaks dance in the kitchen.

HOH Competition

The backyard is set like a videogame. A pixelated image of a past competition will appear. When a player recognize the competition, they must solve a puzzle of the winner of that competition.

Round 1: Baby Mobile veto - winner = Jeremy
Judd is the first to ring in followed by Spencer. Andy is exterminated from the competition.

Round 2: Roulette HOH - winner = Aaryn

GinaMarie is the first to buzz in. Judd yells at his pieces for not fitting in. Judd gets eliminated.

Round 3: Questions HOH - winner = Helen

The last round is between GinaMarie and Spencer. Spencer is the first to assemble her face and win HOH. He is happy but the rest know if McCrae wins veto then one of the alliance mates will leave to jury.

Gifts Time

Spencer gives each guest a gift for winning HOH. He choses two house guests the gift of friendship. For the next 24 hours, GinaMarie and McCrae will be tied together. Andy gets the gift of wealth. Andy gets the chance to win 5K. Judd gets the gift of health. For the next 24 hours, he must do exercises by a drill sergeant.

GinaMarie is not happy to be tied to the dirtiest person in the house. Spencer told her his reasoning. He didn’t want Judd and McCrae to be together because he is shady.

Spencer’s HOH Room

Spencer received a picture of himself without his beard. There is also a picture of his girlfriend Marylin. As Spencer reads his letter from his lover, the sergeant makes Judd do 25 jumping jacks. The sergeant is on top of Judd. He makes sure he loses his J-U-Double-Chin! The drill sergeant makes him do push-ups in the diary room, lunges eating dinner, and squats in the bathroom.

Andy brings home the bacon by choosing 3 pigs of 85 dollars, 9 dollars, and .83 cents. for a total of $94.83. His grand possible total was 5K to put his amount in perspective.