People in many hometowns are speaking out after pharmacy giant, CVS, made the announcement Wednesday to ban the sale of tobacco and tobacco products in its stores.

All of the people Your Hometown News Leader spoke to were happy with the decision as CVS becomes the first pharmacy chain to do away with tobacco all together.

Many of the pharmacies also double as mini-clinics and leaders of the popular chain say selling cigarettes contradicts the pharmacy's healthy living message.

There are over 76-hundred stores nationwide, 800 of those also house those clinics.
The company also announced that it plans to launch a national program to help people stop smoking this spring.

Health advocates say this is a landmark decision and customers are impressed with the company's leadership.

"I think it's a good thing because I think tobacco smoke and tobacco killed my father," said Roanoke resident, Joseph Stalard.

"From what I've seen from their ads on TV, I think they're really trying to improve peoples' health," Ruby Dalton told WDBJ7.

CVS says it stands to lose over $2 billion dollars a year because of this change.

All tobacco and tobacco products will be removed from stores on October 1st.