Every day during the General Assembly session, lawmakers prove they can argue about anything. Even ceremonial legislation honoring historic Smithfield Plantation in Blacksburg.

House Joint Resolution 167 would have designated Smithfield Plantation "the birthplace of Virginia Governors."  Two governors were born there. Two others have family ties to the property.

A committee changed the designation to "family homestead of Virginia Governors." And even that brought objections on the floor of the State Senate.

Senator Tommy Norment represents the Williamsburg area.  "The number of historic sites that we have in the Commonwealth of Virginia, where a Governor or a President spent a night or did whatever they did at night back in those times are in the hundreds," Norment said on the floor of the Senate. "And I really think this is a precedent we should give some serious thought to."

Despite the objections and more humorous debate that followed, the Senate approved the distinction for Smithfield Plantation.