A new law that would crack down on bad drivers won't be going on the books this year.

Virginia state delegate Chris Head wanted to increase penalties for drivers with a suspended license, who cause an accident that takes someone's life.

Two women who worked for Head's senior care business, Cheryl Staples and Virginia Layne, were killed in a Campbell County accident in 2012.  The driver who caused the crash had a suspended license.

To address the issue, Head introduced a bill during this year's General Assembly session.  The legislation was passed by the house of delegates last week, but a senate committee killed the measure Monday morning.

"Criminal law is something we have to be very careful with," Head told WDBJ7 Monday afternoon.  "We're talking about adding a provision where we could send somebody to jail, so we need to make sure we get that right."

Head's bill would have made accidents like the one that killed his employees a Class 6 felony, punishable by up to five years in prison.  The man who caused that wreck was convicted of a misdemeanor and spent less than a year in jail.

Head plans to bring up the idea again during next year's General Assembly session.