America's most famous marathon is just five days away.

Because of last year's bombings at the Boston Marathon this is perhaps the most significant year in the race's history.

A Blacksburg couple who ran it in last year will leave tomorrow and do it again this year.

"Safety wasn't ever a thought that crossed my mind," Kirsten Mosby said.

One memento after another is how Justin and Kirsten Mosby choose to remember their first Boston Marathon.

"I liken it to running through Lane Stadium for 26 miles," Justin Mosby said, "It's a big achievement for people, a lot of people to finish that race."

The bombing is how the rest of us will remember that race.

With full-time jobs and two girls, deciding to train for a marathon is a massive commitment.

Once the Mosby's were ready to make that commitment, the decision became a no brainer.

"We're going back for so many more reasons. To show our family, our children, that it's important to stay strong and to not let fear get in the way of life," Kirsten said.

"To go back and really, I guess thank that community for being that way at a time when nobody started that day out thinking all that would happen," Justin Mosby said.

The Mosby's say the way they were treated during the race and its aftermath inspired them, showed them the good of humans in the midst of tragedy. 

"Both of us were just really taken aback with the Boston community and how supportive they were," Justin said.

"Just being able to go back and feeling like we're going back to a city that already loves us is pretty cool," Kirsten finished.

As much as the marathon is important, Boston is why they're going back.