Blacksburg police were back at the home of a possible meth lab Friday.

Neighbors told WDBJ7 reporter Orlando Salinas that police raided the left side of the duplex home in early September in the 500 block of Essex Court. One man was arrested at that time, and two small children were removed from the home.

On Friday, this reporter saw ambulances leaving the neighborhood after they were called to the home.

Several police officers were seen behind the duplex, wearing gloves and appeared to be searching for something. WDBJ7 asked police for information, but they didn't respond.

Gerald Calfee is a father who lives next door. Calfee said if there's a meth lab involved, the neighbors need to know.

This reporter asked Calfee why he was frustrated? Calfee spoke as officers were getting back in their cars and leaving.
"Because I have children and you know just now the school bus just came by and dropped the kids off and they got stuff out here with no tape? They're not telling anybody and I understand it's an investigation but at the same time you need to let the people on this street know something."

Neighbors pointed out a private day care that operates two doors down from the home suspected of being used to make meth.

WDBJ7 reached out to the Blacksburg Police department for information about what happened Friday, but calls and emails were not returned.