The town of Blacksburg says it may have plans for the old Blacksburg High School property on Patrick Henry Drive.

Since being condemned, Montgomery County officials say the old high school has been used for storage and nothing else.

The year was 2010 and the roof at Blacksburg High caved in. The building was condemned shortly after. Today, from the outside, it looks like nothing ever happened.

Town Mayor Ron Rordam says it may be time to reconsider the future of the site.

"[The Blacksburg High School] is a great spot to expand the recreational opportunities for this and Montgomery County."

Built back in the mid-70's, BHS was home to the Indians, today they're called the Bruins.

The land is owned by Montgomery County, and the same goes for the old Blacksburg Middle School site, still barren because the town and the county can't agree on its best use.

Blacksburg says its' current recreation center is 33 years old and wants the former school site so it can build a brand new recreation campus.

Jack Leahy is the Park and Recreation Assistant Director. Leahy says he has big hopes for a future recreation center.

"One of the ideas, I might be giving away a secret but I would love to see something a little special. Every rec center has an indoor jogging track. We want one that goes through the whole building and actually comes out of the building. It's glassed in and comes back in so you actually get to see the weather as you're walking through the track."

Since being condemned, questions have lingered about the integrity of the land the old school sits on.

When it comes to the foundational integrity of the land, the property, where does the town stand on that question?

Mayor Rordam thought for a second and said, "We will look very closely before any final decision is made to make sure the land will support what we want it to support and that we're not buying problems."

The town said the cost for buying and building out the property could cost around 20 million dollars, but reminded this reporter that nothing has been finalized.