Kelly Berry is walking, running and training. These are things doctors said she would never be able to do. So that meant in theory a walk to the mailbox would prove to be difficult and running a marathon was out of the question.

“It feels awesome I've been beating the odds ever since I've been able to walk and talk,” said Berry.

Beating the odds, Berry started physical therapy when she was six-months-old and speech therapy just three months later. Growing up, kids would pick on her but she didn't let the negative comments stop her.

“From kindergarten to the 5th grade I said I wanted to be like the other kids,” said Berry.

She learned that she was unique and that being herself was the way to be. She is currently attending Jefferson College of Health Sciences. Along with her studies, Berry is blazing her own path. She's training for the Blue Ridge Marathon.

“When I first heard about it, I heard about it from friends. And I said I want to do it this year,” said Berry.

Berry wanted to add one more race to here growing roster. She has run in the Susan G. Komen, Color Run and Drumstick Dash races.

She's a regular at the gym but started seriously training in January. She plans to complete the half marathon. Working out at school, the gym and at home Berry puts in about 15 to 20 hours a week.

“I have disabilities but I don't let that define who I am,” said Berry.

Her defining moment will come April 26 as she puts all of her hard work to the test, defying the odds one stride at a time. Berry has a message for those in her position.

“Listen to your heart and listen to your gut and never give up,” said Berry

She’s never giving up on what was never supposed to happen.