The FBI has found the cell phone of missing Nelson County teenager Alexis Murphy.

The FBI confirmed the find on Tuesday. Murphy has not been seen since Aug. 3. Her car was found in the parking lot of a Charlottesville movie theater three days later. Randy Taylor has been arrested in connection to her disappearance.

In a news release Tuesday, the confirmed that several cell phones were found during the investigation. The FBI was able to confirm that one of the cell phones belonged to Murphy after receiving analysis results back from the FBI Laboratory. Authorities have not said where they found the phone.

No further information will be released by the FBI, according to a news release.

Taylor, 48, has been held without bond since his arrest on Aug. 11. A grand jury is scheduled to meet Sept. 24 to decide whether or not to indict Taylor.

A dive team spent the weekend searching along Rockfish River in Nelson County for any clues.


UPDATE 9/1/13 8:45PM

According to investigators, crews recovered one item from the Rockfish River during their search efforts this weekend in Nelson County.

Investigators could not confirm whether or not that item belongs to Alexis Murphy at this time.

Search efforts continue for the missing teen as the one month anniversary of her disappearance nears.


According to Detective Billy Mays of Nelson County Sheriff's Office, search crews are spending the day searching areas where they now know abduction suspect Randy Taylor may have traveled leading up to Alexis Murphy's disappearance.

Crews are working along Route 29 and secondary roads off of Route 29 and other places Taylor may have traveled.

Water search crews are also searching multiple locations.

According to Mays, nothing special prompted the search effort.

We have a crew en route to the area and will bring more details as they are made available.


A judge has denied bond for Nelson County abduction suspect Randy Taylor.

Judge White made the ruling Thursday afternoon in Nelson County court. Taylor's attorney, Michael Hallahan, claimed that the evidence presented by the Commonwealth during a closed session does not justify the abduction charge

Randy Taylor waived his right to a preliminary hearing. The case now goes straight to grand jury at 9:30 a.m. September 24. The grand jury will then decide whether or not to indict Taylor on abduction charges.

Taylor was originally ordered held without bond at his advisement hearing last week, but Taylor's attorney challenged the ruling.

Portions of Thursday's hearing were closed to the media and public. That's when the Commonwealth presented evidence, some of which they say was uncovered late Wednesday afternoon. All court documents pertaining to Murphy's disappearance remain sealed.

Hallahan didn't say much outside of court, but told the judge his client is innocent and should at least have the right to bond out of jail so he can live with his son in Nelson County until the trial.

The Commonwealth's attorney says Taylor is a danger to society, and given his past criminal history, is a flight risk. In court Thursday, Hallahan said that Taylor has three prior felonies. Two of those are from 20 years ago. Hallahan says Taylor is on probation and is not a flight risk.

Hallahan says Taylor is not responsible for Murphy's disappearance and has cooperated with law enforcement by describing the last man who he says saw Murphy.

Hallahan argued that no evidence has been provided to hold him without bond, let alone be arrested in the first place.

"Nothing about this case justifies my client from being held with no bond," Hallahan argued.