March Madness isn't just burning up the basketball court, it's igniting one school's love of reading.

The 2nd graders in Mrs. Blandy's class at Westside Elementary school in Roanoke have turned it into a tournament of books.

The multiple day lesson plan started last week.

Everyday the class reads two-books, before voting on one book to move on.

The students completed their own brackets and have some predictions.

The teacher says they look forward to seeing who moves ahead.

"If there's one thing that I can do well is I want to instill the love of reading. As they get older in school there are going to be things they have to do -required readings and certain passages, and so if they can learn to love reading at this level, then the rest of it just comes naturally," says teacher Jessica Blandy.

In addition to working on their reading skills, the kids are also talking about probability.

Right now, the tournament is currently working through the Sweet 16.

The early favorite: "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On."