Vacation is always a little sweeter when it comes with a good deal. That's why WDBJ7 Mornin' sat down with travel agents at Martin Travel to find our how to score discounts.

Travel agent Judy Miron says a few deals are still available but most expire at the end of February and into March. "Even though there are some sales still out there to be had, it's the empty space that's available. So maybe it's not the best location you're wanting mid-ship, or maybe it's not being able to see the land as you're cruising," explained Miron.

A lot of sales ended in January but Miron says there are some cruise discounts to take advantage of with Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, Celebrity, and Disney cruise lines but they end on Thursday, February 28, 2014. Disney has specials for 20% to 30% off if you book by March 31st.

Miron says you can also get huge credits for booking early. "From five-hundred to six-hundred cruise credits, you might get huge upgrades. Maybe you're paying for one of the least expensive cabins and now you're going to get a six category upgrade," said Miron.

You can also get perks like free photos, reduced deposits, free bottles of wine, or even a free short excursion credit.

For those that are looking for a trip in 2015, Miron suggests to start planning now.

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If you're interested in taking a river cruise, Martin Travel will put on "Viking River Night" on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Valley View at 6 p.m. It is by reservation only and you can register by calling (540) 343-5400 or by clicking here.