A historic, century-old train station is chugging along.

The Boones Mill train depot is being moved Friday.

The building, which is more than 100 years old, is being moved about a quarter-mile from its current site to the former Old North American Homes site. The town of Boones Mill owns the Old North American Homes site.

The building was put on wheels so it could be moved. Norfolk Southern, which owned the building, had plans to tear it down.

People from the Franklin County community rallied to keep the building intact.

"I don't like to lose pieces of history. I come from up north and they lost most of their history, 'cause they tore it all down. I want to see it stay, so I can show our children what there was," said resident Pat Orange.

Crews had been on site preparing for the move by clearing underneath the depot.

"We hope to make this a community center; a thing that people and the town and the community can use, hopefully have a parking area; hopefully a farmers market," said town council member Mike Smith.