A first grader at Colonial Elementary School in Botetourt County has captured the hearts of her entire school, and the lessons she teaches go far beyond the classroom.

She doesn't let her differences get in the way of things and that's really important," Emily Masters, Bailee's mother, said.

Rare is the student who gets a whole day dedicated to her.

Friday was Bailee Day at Colonial Elementary School.

“She didn't want to go to sleep because she was so excited about it, and that her friends are celebrating her,” Masters said.

The party, the cake, the whole school wearing her favorite color pink: Friday was a celebration of Bailey Masters.

Everybody at the Colonial Elementary School says she's worth it.

Bailee was born with cerebral palsy.

She's been in a wheelchair her entire life and is the only person in a wheelchair in the entire school.

But everything that should be a hindrance for her is a strength, and her classmates and teachers, big and small, see that strength.

“She treats everyone equally, she never says anything negative about people,” Doss said.

The organizers of Miss Wheelchair Virginia took notice of Bailee and she got to meet the current Miss Wheelchair Virginia, Basset native Brittany Yates.

"So cute, so sweet, always had a smile on her face and every time I've seen her, it's been the same way," Yates said.

"She was so excited when she first met her, and she was just, she loved her crown, she said she had this huge crown that she loved, and it's beautiful," Bailee’s mother said.

So the organizers of the pageant gave Bailee the honor of being Little Miss Wheelchair Virginia.

So who better than one of the women she looks up to most to give her a crown of her own?

And who better to receive that crown in front of than all her friends?

"I think one of our fears as parents with a special needs kid was school and how is that going to look with being a little different, how is she going to have friends and what is she going to say? What are they going to do? And she has so many friends," Masters said.

Overcoming the differences among us isn't easy and it's not a lesson you'd expect to learn from elementary school students.

"She's my best friend. And I know she's never mean," Doss said.

But Bailee teaches them it's as easy as a smile.