On Tuesday, students at Lord Botetourt High School got a firsthand look at the dangers of distracted driving.

Teens were put inside a car with goggles to simulate a real life driving scenario.

Students were then given a command they don't hear often. "Alright, go ahead and send another text message." And not long after sending a text message, students crashed.

Kristin Smolenski is an instructor with DRIVE SMART Virginia and she says it’s always interesting to see the student’s reactions. "When they come in here, they're pretty confident that they're going to ace this assignment, even though they've seen all of their classmates crash," explained Smolenski.

Logan Harrison is one of many students who are participating in the driving simulation. "You're driving downtown and they tell you two pull out your phone and start texting and you have to look down and keep going, it's hard to turn," said Harrison.

Learning lessons is an everyday routine for these students, except this course could save their lives.

Even riding a bike, on three wheels while texting, isn't as easy as you may think. Matt Smith is a spokesperson for DRIVE SMART who was teaching the bicycle class. "We've had a lot of swerving, some kids did not hit any cones, and we also had a lot of cones falling down."

Drive Smart Virginia travels the Commonwealth visiting schools to teach about the dangers of distracted driving. Last month alone, this organization visited a dozen schools in our state.

Carilion Clinic also took part in this lesson with a lecture on trauma and what medical experts see inside the emergency room.

For more information on DRIVE SMART Virginia, click here.