What started off as a project to help a family through a hard time has morphed into something more.

Initially the project, "Cheer 4 Savannah" hoped to collect 500 toys and give them to kids who were in the hospital for Christmas.

When it was all said and done- more than 4,000 toys were given to sick children.

The Day family is on a mission and they know there is strength in numbers.

They're shopping at Toys R' Us. But, this shopping trip isn't a frivolous one..

"We are actually shopping for a new project from Cheer 4 Savannah and we have purchased toys as a Valentine's day surprise for the children here in town at the Carilion Children's Hospital," explains Savannah's mom, Michelle Day.

"Cheer 4 Savannah" was initially a one time thing, as Savannah prepared for surgery.

Five-weeks after going under the knife, life for the 8th grader is returning to normal.

"I'm back to cheerleading and school. I was glad to get back to school and be with all my friends. When I ran into school, I saw my best friend and I was, "Ahhhhh!" and gave her a big hug, yeah, it was pretty exciting," says Day smiling ear-to-ear.

Even though the 14-year-old is doing great, the family has a new focus.

The toy drive was so successful: "Everyone was happy and the kids were excited that they were going to have Christmas," recounts Savannah. She and her sisters: Sierra and Chloe, wanted to keep going.

"'Cause it makes kids happy," says 6-year-old Chloe when asked why they do this.

That happiness - and the smiles that go with it - are fueling this trip.

Already, the Days have more than 85-toys for their Carilion Valentine's Day toy drive, but donations continue to pour in.

And, the girls are doing everything they can to stretch their money and help the most kids.

"You have to do clearance first, then you go through the whole entire store to see what has a good deal and then go back to see what you want," says Savannah's sister, Sierra Delby explaining their game plan.

The family is in the process of legally making "Cheer 4 Savannah" a foundation.

In the meantime, the girls are busy.

They're collecting toys for their Carilion Valentine's Day toy drive, raising money for a playground at the Cincinnati Clinic where Savannah had brain surgery, they're preparing a Christmas in July event and then gearing up once again for a Christmas toy drive.

This is on top of school and cheerleading for all the girls!

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