As if being hundreds of miles away from home isn't strange enough, Charli, who just turned one, is about to experience something even more foreign.

"You could tell he's been frustrated not being able to do some of the things that a child his age would typically be able to do," says Rick Jacobs, Charli's new foster father.

Charli was born without any arms or legs.  In May, he left his home in Haiti on a medical visa.

On Monday, Virginia Prosthetics in Roanoke started the ground work for his new arms.

"I have worked with a lot of children but never to the extent of this young boy," says Doug Smile, a practitioner at Virginia Prosthetics.

Charli's new host parents couldn't be more thrilled. Soon they'll get to see him do something he's never done before, crawl.

"If he could get these limbs and just get acclimated to them at a young age then we feel he could just almost be like a bionic man come 14, 15, 16-years-old," says Jacobs.

Charli should have his new arms in the next three to four weeks.  Then the work to craft his new legs begins.

He'll go back to Haiti to visit his mom, but this is most likely his new home.  His host parents Rich and Christine Jones, who are from Salem, found out about him through the group "Angel Mission Haiti" which is based out of Salem.