A fire truck company is accused of selling faulty equipment after one of their trucks caught fire in Pittsylvania County.

It happened three years ago at the Brosville Community Volunteer Fire Department and now the station's insurance company is seeking damages.

Selective Insurance, the company that reimbursed the Brosville Community Volunteer Fire Department for a lost fire truck after a fire at the station, is suing the Illinois based truck company Navistar International Corporation.

In January 2012 the fire department lost about one million dollars worth of gear and damage to the building and fire trucks.

A state police investigation found the station's newest fire truck was the source, citing faulty wiring.

In the lawsuit, Selective Insurance states Navistar failed to provide warnings, instructions, and proper tests for a heater inside the truck, a 2009 Hackney commercial rescue vehicle.
Also named on the lawsuit is Phillips & Temro Industries, and VT Hackney Incorporated, companies that provide parts for the truck.

Chris Key was the fire chief at the time. Today we caught up with him at the Eden Volunteer Fire Department in North Carolina.

"That's caused more headaches sorta having to relive the whole scene again and the months after it. I've learned a lot, basically to keep a daily log, daily journal of everything that goes on," Key said.

Those terrifying moments after the fire are all coming back. He's required to testify when the lawsuit goes to court in January.

"It's more of what I call unnecessary stress but it's part of life," Key said.

Brosville fully recovered from the fire and rebuilt its fire station. Our calls to lawyers representing Navistar weren't returned.