The saga to get one hometown clean water has cleared another hurdle.

According to the mayor, the town of Buchanan has received $6-point-2 million dollars in funding from the USDA.

Since 2007, the town has been working to secure funding to upgrade its water system.

But, since that time there's been a water quality issue that forced people to boil their water, then there was an embezzlement case that kept the town from getting the clean audit it needed to qualify, now finally- the mayor says things are moving their way- and not a minute too soon.

"Currently we have so many water leaks and loss of water. Right now, we lose 70% of all the water pumped out of the ground that we chlorinate and treat before it goes to the houses," explains Buchanan Mayor Larry Hall.

Hall says the project will probably take about two-years.

There will be a pre-construction meeting Wednesday to set up a strategy.

Forty-percent of the money will be a grant, while the other 60% will be a low-cost loan.