This isn't first time parents have been concerned when it comes to the school's budget.

Some say they wouldn't fight a tax increase.

Nearly $270,000 is what the Franklin County school system needs if a proposed tax increase doesn't happen.

“I don't want to see tax increase no more than anybody else, but if we've got to have it than we got to have it to up our standards here,” Taylor said.

Whitey Taylor's child attends a Franklin County school and says he has seen this scenario play out before. Just last year, funding for the Governors school and athletic programs were cut.

“We got to be real about this. We can't cut the football programs. We can't cut the educational programs and we can’t cut the services of Franklin County.”

Tonight the board of supervisors will hear from concerned parent at a public hearing. Board members are thinking of ways to bridge the gap.

“We have some leaning toward a tax increase, whether it's going to be a penny or whether it's going to be two cents. That's what they're trying to struggle with.

Board of Supervisor Chairman David Cundiff says it's still too early to tell if taxes will be raised.

He says it's important to listen from both sides. Just because one side is more vocal, doesn't mean that it will sway the board's decision.

“You got do the whole county; you got take care of everybody as best you can,” Cundiff said.

The meeting is at Benjamin Franklin Middle School at 7.