Lawmakers who represent western Virginia in Washington say they still hope to avoid a government shutdown, but with the deadline looming, there is no indication that either side is willing to compromise.

We spoke with 9th District Congressman Morgan Griffith and U.S. Senator Mark Warner.

The Republican Congressman defended efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act.

The Democratic Senator said the budget negotiations should stand on their own, describing the effort to derail the health care law as "political theater."

Once again, the issue is heading down to the wire, and both sides are standing firm.

"You hate to close the government down," Griffith told WDBJ7 in a phone interview Thursday. "Obviously, that's a drastic step. On the other side of that coin, Obamacare is going to be a disaster not only from the health care standpoint, but it's going to cost the American people a lot of money."

"My fear is the clock is still ticking," Warner said in an interview Wednesday, "and starting next week we are going to have civilian employees that work for the government aren't going to get paid. We're going to have our military who will actually still be serving, but not receiving a paycheck. And that's just not fair or right."

Warner predicts we will get another short term spending agreement that will allow the government to keep functioning. Whether the government shuts down for a day or two, he says, remains up in the air.

Another debate, about the debt ceiling, is coming up in just two weeks. If we threaten to default on the national debt at that time, Warner says, Congress will be "playing with fire."