Neighbor and members of the congregation are speaking out after a pastor from Rockbridge County was charged with sex crimes against young boys for a second time.

Larry Clark is in jail and will stay there until his bond hearing which is scheduled for Monday, but word of his second arrest has the community second guessing the pastor they thought they knew.

"It's like a Jekyll and Hyde thing,” said Ada Perdue-Ratcliff. “It’s just so hard. It’s just so hard because you put your trust in your pastor."

Perdue-Ratcliff has lived in the small Buena Vista community for years and was even a member of Clark’s church for some time.

Perdue-Ratcliff and others near the Pentecostal Outreach Church are finding it hard to believe the news.

"It was like a shocker,” said Dequan McCutcheon. “It was a surprise to my family too. My dad won’t believe he did that because he helps families out. He's a good man and all that."

Rockbridge County investigator Miles Kelly told WDBJ 7 that new allegations came into the sheriff's office about Clark after his first arrest earlier this month.

"We had a report from a victim, we followed up on the report and we made the arrest," said Kelly.

Clark was arrested Tuesday. Investigators said he tried to force a boy to have sex with him in a church van over the summer.

Clark reportedly lives right across the street from the church. Most of his neighbors are members of the congregation and they said his arrest has changed the mood in the entire community.

"I sort of felt violated in a way because you always assume that your children will be safe when they go out  in the yard to play and also the fact he lives right across from the church and has been there for 15 or more years," said Perdue-Ratcliff.

There's not much the local families can do but sit and wait for the justice system to run its course, but in the meantime, they intend to keep a closer eye on their children and neighbors.

"We just can't release the details because it's an ongoing investigation number one and because the victims are juveniles and it's sometimes very hard to talk about these crimes," said Kelly.

WDBJ 7 reached out to the church, but our calls have not been returned yet.

Investigators said the second victim was 15 years old at the time of the incident. The victim reportedly had two separate incidents with Clark during the summer. Investigators said there was a two week span between the incidents.