Parents can expect to see more security at Roanoke City Schools this week.

A teacher discovered bullet holes on the glass door in one of the classrooms at Hurt Park Elementary School on Monday morning.

Police haven't said what exactly went through the window into the classroom. They are still looking for a projectile in the classroom, but there were no reports of shots fired in the area.

Roanoke City Schools Superintendent Rita Bishop says she was very happy with the response to the situation, and the kids were safer for it.

“I'm not going to kid you for a single second, this sort of thing is scary,” Bishop said. “But the most important thing is that our kids are chipper and they're doing exactly what we've trained them to do.”

No children were allowed to walk home unattended no matter how close they live to the school.

For kids whose family wanted to come pick them up, officers literally held the kids’ hands until they were with their family.

A Roanoke City police spokesperson characterized much of Monday as using an abundance of caution.

Even though there doesn't appear to be any immediate threat, someone from the police or sheriff's office will be placed in every school for the reminder of the week.


Police are still treating the area as an active crime scene.

There were no reports of shots fired.

According to Roanoke City Public Schools Superintendent Rita Bishop, Hurt Park Elementary School will be on lockdown until the end of the day. Also, all after-school activities are canceled.

Students who walk home from school will be dropped off at home by the school.


Hurt Park Elementary School in Roanoke is on lockdown after two bullet holes were discovered in an exterior door Monday morning.

The bullet holes were found around 11:30 a.m. Monday in the glass portion of a door to an unoccupied preschool room.

Police are investigating the situation. It’s not clear what type of weapon was used to make the holes, according to Roanoke City Public Schools.

All children are safe. The school is asking parents to not come to the school. The school will make arrangements if parents want to pick up their children. The school will not release walkers at this time.

The school system sent out an automated call to alert parents of the situation. Here is what the automatic call said:

"This is Theresa Kabath, principal of Hurt Park Elementary. At 11:30 this morning, two bullet holes were discovered in the glass portion of the door in an unoccupied pre-school classroom. The police department is actively investigating the situation. At this point we don't know what type of weapon was used to make these holes. The school is currently on lockdown. We respectively request that you don't come to the school right now. We are going to keep you updated. All children are absolutely safe."