Taxes will increase in Virginia in just a few days.

The General Assembly’s goal to generate revenue for transportation projects in Virginia has local businesses make one last push to get customers in their doors.

“We've had people come in,” said Berglund Automotive President William Farrell. “We've had a lot of interest. Certainly a lot of people didn't know about it. It hasn't been overly publicized by the state."

The state sales and use tax on most purchases will increase from 5 percent to 5.3 percent in July.

"All taxes are passed on to the customer unfortunately," said Farrell when asked how customers will be affected by the decision.

Berglund Automotive is trying to make the best of the General Assembly's decision to tack on more taxes and is pushing advertisements to aware the public of what is going to happen.

Virginia’s car taxwill face a one percent increase in July as well.

"Your average new car is about $30,000 dollars so just one percent of that would be $300," he said.

But if you're not in the market for a big ticket item like a car, you'll still be paying a higher price.

James Rosar owns the Cyclo-Ward Bicycle Shop in downtown Roanoke.

He said if he wants to keep his wheels spinning, he's going to have to change what he charges his customers.

"It's essentially another pass along to my customers,” he said. “There are some things I won't be able to raise prices on and other things I will and I will have to pass it on and hope I can stay in business."

Lawmakers are collecting the cash so they can repair the roads Virginians drive every day.

Not everyone agrees with raising revenue this way but some business owners said there's not much they can do about it.

"If I get into too much complaining about raising prices that will encourage them even more to go online, and shop elsewhere and pay for freight and handling," said Rosar.

As for Farrell, he’s hopeful the new taxes will pay off in the end.

"Anytime a cost is raised its tough on us the business owner and tough on the public and it's never good for anybody, but hopefully the benefit will outweigh it if we make our roads safer and be in better repair and help with our infrastructure."

The new taxes go into effect July 1st.

Lawmakers have increased sales taxes even more in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. The sales tax in those areas will increase from 5 percent to 6 percent.

The higher increase is supposed to raise more money for the transportation projects since those areas tend to see a lot of traffic congestion.

According to local car dealerships, the taxes will not affect any rebates for car purchases.